Welcome to pzs-ng (Project Zipscript - Next Generation)

pzs-ng is a realtime crc addon made specifically for glftpd, but it also works standalone.

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SourceForge.net project

Git repository This is our current repository. You can check out using 'git clone https://github.com/pzs-ng/pzs-ng.git'.


Latest version: pzs-ng.tar.gz (updated daily)

Our quotes: quotes.html
Random quote:
  <TWiSTEDSO> need a script to rescan directorys , but not daxxars , is there any other ?

  - STABLE:   Thoroughly tested by several people for >14days, containing no known bugs.
  - TESTING:  Revisions in a frozen state, thought to be stable at the time, but not tested by several people for >14 days.
  - UNSTABLE: Still on testing stage, but usable. All known bugs are either listed on the bugtracker, or fixed.
  - VOLATILE: Work in progress. Might work, might not. Not considered suitable to be used.
  - UNUSABLE: Revisions found to contain bugs which severly hinder the use of the script. (should never be listed under downloads)


Meet us at EFnet channel #pzs-ng
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